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Fragments from Floyd

First Freeze on Goose Creek: Winter, Here We Come

Last light in the deep Goose Creek Gorge

First hard frost of the season, first oak on the wood stove, whose door glass I cleaned last night, so the fire-works this morning are clearly visit and pleasantly warm.

This spells the very last of the cherry tomatoes, and we had to cover the mums last night against the frost–but they wouldn’t have saved them from a freeze. It’s 8:00 and still 31 degrees on Goose Creek.

I stopped along the way home yesterday to catch the last of the sun as it disappeared from the deep valleys along the creek. I’ve never seen the mill dam in exactly this light–but then, the light is never exactly the same from any one moment in time to the next. In photography, there is only the NOW that the shutter opens and closes on the one-of-a-kind present.

Click this link for a few more shots from yesterday (and one of the cemetery I showed a couple of weeks ago in black and white.)

3 thoughts on “First Freeze on Goose Creek: Winter, Here We Come”

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos in the link……

    really love the golden leaves, the spicebush, and oh, that beautiful sky in the cemetery photo………..

    31 degrees, yes, it’s that time of year…….and I love it, crisp, clear skies!!!

    send us more!!!

    keep those hens, and that dog warm!!!!


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