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Fragments from Floyd

Floyd Experience: Being Local Being Real

Riverstone Bonfire: Floyd Experience 2016. Click to enlarge.

Today is the final full day before 25 St Joseph’s University students leave Floyd for Philly.

We don’t know what kind of debriefing they will be involved in when they get back. We are not sure that any of their stories from Floyd County will come back to us.

All the folks who organized and oversaw this week’s event will have for certain is a sense of having made the week work very well for what was an exemplary group of students during an unbelievably pleasant weather-week.

There will be a “documentary” to come from the week in the near future, since one of the participants came with professional sound and photographic equipment, even including a camera drone that flew high for a unique view of Riverstone, including the picnic area where we met last night for the bonfire. And the No-Talent Show.

If any of you end up in Floyd tonight, these students will be there at the Jamboree after having their clogging lesson with instructor Phil Lauer and musician-friends Jenny and Mac Traynham.

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