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Fragments from Floyd

Forks Over Knives: Soup and No Snow (this time)

Our first real snow of 2012 didn't come until February 19

Before I forget, and you might have already done the same: Join us tomorrow night, February 25, at the Floyd Country Store for a soup and bread dinner (for donations) and the movie ($5) Forks Over Knives.  Find out more here. Movie starts at 7:00, come sooner for soup! The last two movies were meteorologically threatened, Economics of Happiness by a snow that started during the movie, and BUCK by ferocious winds and sub-zero chill factors. None of that seems likely for this movie, so do plan to come if you can.

And here’s one more snow picture. Yes, I’ve got a bunch that are more or less like this. But the difference hangs in that “more or less”: I do not and never will have another where the light is just as it is here. The “onceness” of photography is part of its magic for me.

Click the image or this link to enlarge the image, which you really must do for ANY landscape to begin to get a sense of scale, proportion and perspective.

4 thoughts on “Forks Over Knives: Soup and No Snow (this time)”

  1. What a difference enlarging made! That is a postcard picture. I never dreamed when you had that first camera at Auburn that you would become such a wonderful photographer. Your love for the outdoors just reminds me again how much you are like your grandfather you never knew. You two would have been a pair!

  2. I’m getting used to this barn in different dress, hues of blue this time. All these pictures of the snow hold your love of the land; but your written descriptions are just as thrilling. It makes a nice mix with 82 degrees on the hibiscus outside my lanai. I’m typing on my laptop due south of Floyd in Southwest Florida and for a minute there, I felt snow crunching under my bare feet!

  3. You are right about the light. What a composition in white, with the sky the exact same color as the snow. Was this part of a panorama also? It looks to be.

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