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Fragments from Floyd

Fortuitous Foreign Fungus Found

Note the almost microscopic "babies" at the base

While loading the poplar trunk I cut up a year ago–the one we dropped there, off our bedroom window, and I stacked over below the Goose Creek bluff just at the confluence with Nameless Creek.

It shouldn’t have stayed this long on the ground. Resistance to rot in soil contact is not poplar’s strong suit–though our siding is 120 year old poplar–that hangs in the rather nicely if kept dry.

So there these (temporarily) unknown mushrooms appeared, when I pulled a 16″ wide section over, out of the grass and into the light of a “brisky” afternoon (that’s brisk and windy combined.)

Somebody in the NRV Mushroom Club will know these–or be willing and have the ID resources to key them out. The velvety stag-horn stems, incomplete veins and general appearance will trigger an identification eventually. Or if you think you know these lovely shrooms, let me know. (Scale: largest caps about 1.75 inches across.)

Now: I gotta get back to work.

2 thoughts on “Fortuitous Foreign Fungus Found”

  1. Thanks for pointing out the babies. Good photo! It’s so sharp and detailed, a mycologist will surely be able to identify.

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