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Fragments from Floyd

Fragments Births Second Blog!

Overflow, I guess you could call it.

Turns out, there’s more junk than will fit in the closet of Fragments from Floyd.
Landscapes from Floyd County, Southwest Virginia by Fred First
Actually, had I not needed to experiment with “new blogger” to help a friend set up his blog over the past couple of weeks, I doubt I ever would have felt the need for an “alter-blog”.

But that’s what I’ve got, and it’s called Nameless Creek.

I confess, I like the ease of modifying the template without hacking code, though you can still get to the html of the template if you’re a mind to.

Please stop by.

And notice–in a bit of a divergence from FFF–there are three AUDIO files within the first half dozen posts. So click away, and turn up your speakers.

And don’t fail to note there are sponsored links over at Nameless Creek–an annex to the meager income that results from same on FFF. We appreciate your patronage, and check back here from time to time (I’m likely to point you in this direction) and see what shape it takes over the coming months.

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