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Fragments from Floyd

Freedom Fields

The Freedom of Open Spaces, The Rush of the Wind on Our Faces

“…Trees that were short as I am now when grampa and gramma was young are huge. He said they are sycamores. They have smooth bark that looks like camouflage. I climbed up not too high in a big one that was a little tree when you were little. He showed me where one used to be by the creek that had your initials, but it was gone now. A flood the year before I was born took it to the ocean, he said. I like learning the names for things. Today we saw Queen Anne’s Lace flowers everywhere and Spicebush (It smells nice!) It makes them seem like friends, and next year when I come back, I’ll know them already.”

Excerpt from “Imagined Letter Home from the Family Farm”

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Fields”

  1. I really liked the simple phrasing of the explanation for knowing the names of things, and it meshes with my experience. Are you the author of Imagined Letter Home? I missed out on this if it was presented earlier.

  2. Hi Dumpy,
    I like the pictures a lot. I can’t wait for you to come to my house, it will be so much fun.


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