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Fragments from Floyd

From Harvest to Harvest

The Old Barn ~ Through Yet Another Summer

I found a document I created when What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader first went to print in 2009. it gives a few-words summary of each of the 80-something pieces. You might enjoy giving the pdf a brief scan. I might link it to the page where I have not done a very good job of telling potential readers about the book. That is about to change.  What We Hold contents summary pdf

â–¶ I ordered Adobe Lightroom at half-price (today only, from B&H) and think it will help me in both “expressing” my images effectively and organizing them in ways that allow me to conceptualize different “packages” for future speaking events. I already am working on one dealing with the natural history of Southwest Virginia, another on the photo-essay and another on a Beginner’s Guide to Landscapes and Nature Digital Photography.

▶  I am also working my way through a pdf publishing workshop I purchased on CD. It will allow for future ebooks, slide shows and other applications. Our imaginations and ambitions can be limited by our tool sets: better and broader tools, and suddenly, everything no longer looks like a nail.

â–¶ I just ordered an iPhone app. I do not own an iPhone. Yet. But I confess I will be watching the whole grand performance from Apple today as they unveil some expected things, some known things and some unexpected unknown things, not the least of which will be iCloud, IOS5 and some kind of smartphone. The app I purchased for $0.99 was Camera+. It looks way cool. And I think I will be more prone to take people and event pix than I have when lugging the D200 has been required.

â–¶ Meanwhile, to keep boredom at bay, I think I may have TWO books taking form in what’s left of my brain. It remains to be seen if my joints will cooperate long enough to get even one of them into print. But I’ll give you the 5-month status-post thumb surgery assessment: I’m back in the game.

▶  I have three open-to-the-public events coming up between Oct 19 and Nov 30 and will be offering the information here soon, with free notecards to the first attendee who tells me they read about it on Fragments. More soon.

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4 thoughts on “From Harvest to Harvest”

  1. I just noticed the e-reader version of Slow Road Home in your sidebar Fred. I added it to my Kindle and look forward to having available when I’m stuck waiting.

    Like you I took advantage of the Lightroom offer. If our world ever turns any color but brown again, maybe I can get out and explore again.

  2. Oh…And if your visitor counts are off blame it on me…I was refreshing to check out your header images. It’s been a while since I checked them out.

  3. Camera+ is indeed a nifty little app. I have the iPhone 4, which takes surprisingly good photos for a smartphone. Camera+ allows you to have some fun with it. Of course, it will never replace a DSLR, but it’s handy to have.

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