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Fragments from Floyd

Goose Creek Afield: Sign Up Now!

We’re good to go now to let folks know about this nature-outdoor event happening just outside my front door in September.

Come walk the trails from which so many stories and images have come to Fragments over the past thirteen years.

We will go slow, stop often, and share what we know, wonder, and hope from our different experiences in relationship to the natural world.

Bring cameras, curiosity and questions–about ferns, flowers and forest and stream ecology. We’ll consider what this place might have looked like a million and a hundred million years ago to leave behind this deep gorge cut by Namelesss Creek.

This event–as a fund-raising activity for SustainFloyd–is limited to 15 so sign up early using the form HERE.

For a short visual teaser, click the image up top. I think you’ll be glad you did.

3 thoughts on “Goose Creek Afield: Sign Up Now!”

  1. Beautiful slide show for your walk. This activity sounds perfect for you, and I hope the group that signs up will be very engaged. By the way, you say “click the image BELOW” and there is none.

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