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Fragments from Floyd

Goose Creek Ice ~ Three


No wind. No birds or insects call. Has molecular motion ceased? I question if my own heart beats it is so still on this winter morning.

That afternoon, I drove 460 into Salem.

My god, what noisome ugliness hath man wrought?

And I lament that I don’t get out much. Why should I care to leave this quiet?

4 thoughts on “Goose Creek Ice ~ Three”

  1. Yeah, we’re finding it less and less desirable to go out for anything, as it’s so beautiful and quiet here in our Floyd “Holler” home. We stock up on large amounts of staples and dry goods so we can “hole up” for some considerable time if we want. This time of year if anyone goes out once a week, that’s a lot. I think it’s only healthy to avoid all that bruhaha out there whenever possible. Plus, it saves on gas.

  2. I like staying at home too. Peace and quite in the middle of the woods. Just me and a host of critters. No traffic, no crowds and no hassel. I also stock up, so I don’t have to go to town more than once every 2 weeks.

    Guess I’m a little inclined to be a recluse, but after a life time of being in the middle of it all, being a recluse is very nice.

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