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Fragments from Floyd

Headwaters ~ Two

Nameless Creek in a season of plenty
Nameless Creek in a season of plenty

I’ve taken shots here before, butt…

I squatted down to get closer to creek level for this shot, but suddenly realized the water was so much higher on my boots that the seat of my pants was in the creek.

Small price to pay, I suppose.

Water Fact: Worldwide, big investors like T. Boone Pickens are buying up water rights like they have bought up oil. Some have predicted that the next wars will be over water.

3 thoughts on “Headwaters ~ Two”

  1. Hi Fred, stopping by to say, “Hi,” but can’t resist… if all you’ve got going against you is a soggy but from that glorious creek, you’re doing okay, my friend. Congratulations on a successful 2009 and keep up the good work!


  2. Received my calendars yesterday. Thank you! The pictures make me yearn for Floyd County. They pictures turned out really great on the calendar. Thanks!

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