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Fragments from Floyd

Hit The Ground, Running

The Pupparazzi have no shame!

My dog’s agent has presented me with a cease and desist order.

I am never again to take unflattering pictures of Tsuga when he is in a less-than-noble pose–with his rear end up in the air and his head buried in a hole that he is in the process of creating: it looks too much like he’s mooning his fans.

I must not catch him watering the vegetation, which is almost unavoidable as he has many messages to leave, and a full tank to do it with.

And I am never, ever under any circumstances to photograph him running at a full gallop (a trot is okay because it does not have the same shape-shifting g-force-wielding effect on his jowls, ears and eyelids.)

I have been directed to remove this photograph from my web site.

I never signed anything.

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3 thoughts on “Hit The Ground, Running”

  1. I love it !!!!

    Beautiful Tsuga !!!

    That dog deserves plenty of Bacon Strips, and a good meaty bone from the butcher…



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