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Hold the Ice: Winter 2009

Fire and Ice: Goose Creek 2008
Fire and Ice: Goose Creek 2008

We’ve had the rain this week and the creek is rushing at high decibels, well within its banks.

This morning, our record snow for the season: maybe a half inch.

What we have not had yet is the ice. The creeks have frozen at the edges, offered to close in the middle between the rocky banks with a solid sheet of sculpted ice, but so far, we’ve not had a cold enough few days in a row to make it happen. Surely I’ll get at least one ice picture for the 2009 ice season.

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4 thoughts on “Hold the Ice: Winter 2009”

  1. I have been hoping for a few 2 hour delays for school. Teachers love some extra planning time. We had a little ice this morning but mostly just from rain across curves in roads.

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