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Fragments from Floyd

Ice Nine and Other Ices

Oak Under Ice
Oak Under Ice

I had told myself ENOUGH ice-talk and images on Fragments already.

But winter does not relent, and waters winter forms dominate our days. We have a covering of snow to complicate things this morning.

Coincidentally, I ran across this article that discusses the chemistry and physics of water–particularly its behaviour at temperatures and pressures not found in the natural world.

This is pretty amazing stuff. From Today I Found Out comes this informative article:  What Happens When You Freeze Water in a Container So Strong the Water Can’t Expand Into Ice?

We live on the water planet. And yet, we know so little about it–even as it becomes an increasingly limited and threatened resource. Did you know there are actually FIFTEEN forms of ice?

As the water goes. so goes civilization. By all means, stay away from Ice 9! Though that way out of here might be one of the better ways for individuals and civilizations to meet their end.

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