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Mary Bishop and Mr. Osborne on the homeplace front porch, Oct 08
Mary Bishop and Mr. Osborne on the homeplace front porch, Oct 08

I’m too lazy to go back and see how much of this I’ve already told, and too up to my elbows in “documentation” from work to lavish too many words on it here this morning. So, long story short:

I was pleased to do a bit of work for NatureServe (you can read about that agency and Landscope here) and the ultimate destination for those photos will be for the Landscope interactive web site, now in beta but certainly functional.

I know I posted a link to Mary Bishop’s account of the conservation easement placed on the Osborne’s newly-acquired acreage that protects a wonderful piece of riverfront.

Now, if you go here and to the picture-sidebar, you can see some of the images that came from two days in Grayson County visiting the Osbornes and Hanes properties and getting to know those kind and nature-caring folks.

This little “assignment” that sort of fell into my lap was one of the funnest things I’ve done lately and I hope to do more with Landscope in the future.

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  1. I can’t explore the links right now as our connectivity is just awful, but I wanted to say I absolutely love that picture. It represents so much that is good about people working together to connect and make a difference. I am very fond of and respect Mr. Osborn’s generation of citizens for their wisdom and patience and life skills and experience… sitting on a porch talking and laughing with such a character is my idea of an afternoon well-spent. Very evocative photo for me, thanks.

  2. Ms. Bishop and Mr. Osburne or Mary Bishop and Mastin Fayne “Buster” Osborne, not mixed addressing.

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