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Fragments from Floyd

In the Chaos of Fallen Leaves

Rattlesnake Plantain, a native orchid. Click to enlarge.

The forest floor this time of year is simultaneously beautiful and chaotic, a random tapestry of layered color, making it hard to find any one thing to focus on. Picking out the yellow and brown mushrooms you’re hunting among the tattered leaf fall is like finding Waldo hiding in the woods.

These ornately-veined leaves of the rattlesnake plantain appeared when their fresh leaf cover was brushed aside by my boot. This plant is very common, and will be with us over winter, one of the few green things alive, though dormant, even under the snow.

1 thought on “In the Chaos of Fallen Leaves”

  1. You don’t see the rattlesnake plantain too much in the woods.I live in the New River Valley as well. I’ve just started my blog which will center on nature, outdoor travel and natural health. And am a Master Naturalist member as well. (How do you put a “caption” under your picture?)
    Our spring came way too early and there certainly aren’t too many flowers out now, but I’ve found by June the forest is mainly just green, green, green.

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