iPad a World-expanding Tool: Even for Moms

....and she won't leave home without it.
….and she won’t leave home without it.

This Christmas will mark two years since we gave my mom a gift she swore she “did not want, did not need and would not be able to make it work.”

She was most adamant about it. We didn’t listen. I don’t know how many times she has thanked us for insisting over her persistent objections.

I have to credit my wife–a Luddite if there ever was one, and proud of it. But she had seen the techs at work using their iPads and was curious. They showed how even a board-certified hospital pharmacist could use it for email and web browsing. So she concluded that my mom would be able to handle it too. And she was so right.

I can safely say that not a week has gone by that mom has not thanked us for all that this device has opened up for her. And I can safely say not a week has gone by that I have not had to “check out” silly animal tricks; and examine just in the remote event they held content, countless forward forward forwarded email from stranger.

But at her certain age (I’m sworn to not divulge, me at 65, so go figure) she is still curious and enjoys hearing about something she wants to know more about, and sets off to find it. And does! (Used to be “look this up for me. Now she has gotten pretty good a Googling her way to answers.)

And a couple of times a year, we get together for me to update her apps and clean up various minor messes.

So if you have an older relative or really good friend (maybe with limited mobility) on your birthday or Christmas shopping list, think about this tiny compact set of encyclopedias and entertainment on steroids contained inside this small package. Even if they resist, insist.

You could order A new iPad for your mom or dad in time for Christmas from Amazon. If you use this link to explore the possibilities or make a purchase, I’d be obliged, as it would add a little egg money to keep this leaky boat afloat. If not the iPad, there’s an Amazon search widget in the right sidebar you might use any time for anything else you were thinking about getting from Amazon anyway. Here’s your portal.

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