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Fragments from Floyd

Joy for Free

[su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]atching our grand daughter frolic in the sprinkler, I remembered the utter joy the first day we were allowed to go barefoot–in the zoysia grass, under the mimosas, only to get “stung on a bee” as one of us lamented when it happened.

The moving-parts oscillating gizmos came along well after the first one I remember–a ring of brass with holes in it that just sat there and put out a tiaraof luke-warm Alabama water a few feet into the sultry air.

Joy is found in free and simple things when you’re six. We should all be six as often as possible.

2 thoughts on “Joy for Free”

  1. I say Amen too. Some of my fondest moments in childhood were spent in the sprinkler and my memories of my children doing it surface often. Grandchildren too, although we had a pool then and sprinklers were not so important.

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