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Fragments from Floyd

Just Coz

Moth Mullein

We have a six year old with us this week. And already, we’re remembering that every answer to the question of why is followed by the question of “but why?”

“But why does the moth mullein have anthers that look like little orange slices?” asks the curious photographer? “And what’s the deal with those fancy purple hairs that make the filaments look like feather boas?”

And the best I can come up with as photographer or grandfather is often “just coz.”

6 thoughts on “Just Coz”

  1. Well, Sissy, all I can say is you do have a handle on the cartoons! You’re right on the money. And yikes, my script is amok, comments running into the main column. WOnder if there’s a fix for that? Oh WorkPress geeks, what to do?

  2. It appears that what is not wrapping is web addresses. Go into the comment and edit the address to make it a link with the actual address hidden.

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