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Fragments from Floyd

Last One, I Swear


That’s all I’ve got of the princess visit from almost a week ago–can it be?–though the house still bears signs of their passage. I just stepped on a plastic bubble-wand in my bare feet. And only yesterday I took the high chair back to the nice folks at Haven’s Chapel that loaned it to us at the 11th hour before Taryn needed it.

And now they’re more than 1000 miles way for another six months, a year, we don’t really know when we’ll see them again–when Taryn will have teeth and Abby be another couple of inches taller.

8 thoughts on “Last One, I Swear”

  1. Ah, pictures of grandchildren…how nice. I am awaiting word of new great-grandaughter who was due on the 28th. I believe she is waiting to be born on my birthday this Saturday…

  2. oh ! Fred I know just the feeling . our family, is three thousand miles away. [ pauline ken and joshua ] and I am not allowed to fly anymore to visit. thank goodness for computers and web cams . your grandchildren are beautiful . now your home will feel empty for weeks, till you get back to normal. but look forward to the next time . take care.

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