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Fragments from Floyd

Lenses, Filters and Apps! Oh My!


Another day, another distraction–a good one, mind you, if you have Iphone images to tweak while waiting for the dentist. Or a shopping wife.

Aviary was bought by Adobe last year. Their IOS image editing app–for the rest of November–offers LOTS of free filters, overlays and other add-ons costing (if not worth) $200.

Introducing the New Photo Editor by Aviary,  Now Part of the Adobe Family – Aviary Blog

November on Goose Creek is incomplete without the illusory leaf-caught-in-mid-fall image. Thank you, parachute spiders, for the random silk from a tree branch that inevitably snares a leaf before it hits the ground, and long enough to grab a shot so that the photographer seems really, really quick on the draw with the shutter button. This one is tricked up via Aviary with the circular overlay.


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