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Fragments from Floyd

Lord of the Flies

Is it just US? Are others in Floyd County being bedeviled by clouds of tiny “gnats”–which upon inspection are a type of fly?

What is the source? I’m thinking these are “wet vegetation” hatches. They  especially like to congregate above our windows in doors to the extent that you can’t see paint underneath them.

Phorid flies maybe? They are smaller than fruit flies. Wing length is greater than body length. Does anybody have a valid ID so that I can explore control measures?

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  1. We have a plague of Asian Lady Bugs here – all trying to get into the house to over winter – not the same but also weird and new. These lady bugs are the Asian newcomers brought in by gardeners – they have killed of the indigenous ones. These also bite and have a nasty yellow stain.

    We are having exceptionally warm weather in the high 70’s too

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