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Fragments from Floyd

Making Love in the Green Grass

Hey, nice hat!
Hey, nice hat!

Apologies to Van Morrison, but we have the Wild Thing going on, not behind the stadium but within the confines of our garden compound.

There isn’t much yet in the way of progeny, but pollination is happening even so, and baby fruits are starting to appear in ones and twos.

I’ll try to have a half dozen vegetable “glamor shots” of the new arrivals–this one of course is a baby 3/4 inch cucumber. It’s fruit–a pregnant ovary containing seeds (in botanical terms) is INFERIOR, which is to say that the flower is above the ovary.  You can clearly see the swollen bases of the epidermal warts that give these fruits their characteristic prickliness–not enough, sadly to say, to deter the deer.

So, there will be days when the rains came, in the misty morning fog, when I’m standing in the sunlight laughing. My how you have grown. Sometimes I’m overcome thinking ’bout it.

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  1. Cucumbers without wax on them – how wonderful! Before I left Floyd, my neighbors had a cookout down by the Little River and one of the dishes was fresh cucumbers in a vinegar “broth” – delicious!! Another of my neighbors gifted me with a pint of Montgomery Cherry jelly that he had made. Ooooohhh!! Man, on man is it delicious!!!

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