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Fragments from Floyd

Morning Missed

Autumn Morning Floyd County Virginia

“Sure, we can go together” she said, and I acquiesced, even though I’d have chosen an obligatory continuuing ed topic more, er, meaty than “Fat Cells and Disease”. But it was in Roanoke (not many decent courses come any closer than Charlotte or Charlottesville) and we both needed the CEUs.

Now she’s bailed on me (couldn’t find anyone to swap workdays) and instead of spending a day on Goose Creek watching the sun come up on barn and pasture, I’ll be on everybody’s favorite I-81 fighting the tractor-trailors as the sun comes up.

So I’ve made this scene of autumn’s morning mist my Thinkpad desktop image now, so that from the Airport Wyndham Motel I can imagine being someplace else even while hearing once more about Metabolic Syndrome, Hypertension, Heart Disease and the hundred mortal wounds that excessive flesh is heir to.

6 thoughts on “Morning Missed”

  1. Perfect lavender mist in this usually brown to orange to yellow season. Just keep staring at it and clicking your heels together like Dorothy.

  2. While in Meadows of Dan one of my neighbors came over who is a newspaper writer and blogger. Your name came up and we had a long discussion as to whether you should be known as a great writer/photographer or great photographer/writer. Pictures like the one today adds to the debate.

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