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Fragments from Floyd

Must Be Monday

It’s not like Monday is the onerous uphill trudge it once was during my so-called “working life.” This isn’t WORKING LIFE? Yah. There’s just no paycheck every two weeks.

The list just seems longer–even in these marvelous, carefree “golden years” [?] on Monday than any other day, a carry-over from the stigma of five days between Monday morning coffee and Friday afternoon happy hour.

Blogging, too, seems harder to do on Mondays because more STUFF accumulates during the mostly post-less weekend. In the past few years, however, I feel considerably less pressure to get these witty, insightful, challenging and timely tidbits to the blog readership than I once did. And yet, there is still some trace of that urgency left out of a decade of habit.

If you were hanging back, thinking “one day we’ll have to go to Floyd” that day might be this Saturday. Makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Saturday 830 to 11: Market Breakfast. Pancakes, strawberry and raspberry topping. Sausage. Wow!

Saturday 1030: Virginia’s Blue Ridge Music Festival performance at the Ecovillage.

Saturday evening: (Hold onto your hats)–Outdoor premiere at Chantilly Farm’s big screen of Geographically Desirable, filmed in part in Floyd. Oak Grove Pavilion features a favorite–White Top Mt Band. And another symphonic performance of the VBRMF.

Maybe it’s the weekend roster that is making me unusually overwhelmed first thing Monday morning?

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3 thoughts on “Must Be Monday”

  1. Hi Fred- Please add one more thing to your plate this Saturday… Great lineup for Americana Afternoons at the store. Sarah Morgan on dulcimer at noon. Yours truly, Kat Mills, with brand new originals at 1:30, and the legendary Bill Hudson at 2:30. Come on out for some lunch and tunes. Would love to see you! Peace, Kat Mills

  2. Do you know when and where the film will be viewable outside of your area? Made for TV, I suppose.

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