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Nature: In The Hands of Our Children

Nature: In The Hands of Our Children

Suffice it to say things will be different around here with Abby gone back to South Dakota where, as she lamented yesterday, “the only thing I can chase is grasshoppers!”

Most of yesterday she spent in the creek with an assortment of sophisticated outdoor toys, batteries not included: a red and a green one gallon pail, a couple of empty sour cream containers, and a small aquarium dip net. The object of her rapt attention: minnows and crawfish–catch and release; and catch again, and release again. Exceptions: the one crawfish that leaped prematurely to freedom, and the two small fish that died apparently from the sheer stress of multiple bucket scoops.

I’ll have more pictures, but thought by way of this quickly cobbled collage I’d be able to show you how our days were spent this week, to recall what this child’s hands have been doing while visiting Goose Creek.

Yes, things are going to be mighty quiet and settled around here now. And the fish breathe a watery sigh of relief!

5 thoughts on “Nature: In The Hands of Our Children”

  1. I know you will miss her, but my guess is you have loads of great pictures to keep all the wonderful memories. And her memories of Goose Creek with Grand Mother and Grand Dad will always be a part of, and will help shape the beautiful young Lady she will become.

  2. Yes, that’s the sort of collage (read: the sort of week) I would’ve imagined with the Abster there. Glad it was a good visit.

  3. hi , fred. love the photos, your grandaughter gets more beautiful . love the new blog. so much easier for me to read and look. eyesight not good these days. keep up the good work.

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