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Fragments from Floyd

Nature, Music and Dry Feet

Beaver Dam at Blue Ridge Music Center near Galax / Digital Photo / Fred First / Floyd County, Virginia
I have some of the usual pics of “man pointing to concrete abutments for the future bridge.” Functional photos; predictable but not very interesting.

Whatever photo goes with the piece will be reduced to something like 2″ x 2.5″ max.

If this one will work, I like the fact that it shows the Music Center (Museum), the proximity to nature (a recently-constructed beaver dam and pond) and the stream that will need a bridge crossing so that the trails (more than 6 miles hand constructed by the local Trails club) can be officially opened to the public.

You can see a few more shots from yesterday’s excursion in this little Picasa gallery.

2 thoughts on “Nature, Music and Dry Feet”

  1. The Music Center and Museum are in Virginia, but not by much! I passed a sign between the Center and Galax on 89 that pointed to “NC State Line” so it couldn’t have been far.

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