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Nature Notes: Strange Fruits

Image Credit Flickr User Pedro Bezerra
Image Credit Flickr User Pedro Bezerra

I mentioned (you of course remember) the possible re-ordering of the blog subject matter along predictable and limited topic lines, as a way of giving myself some structure and boundaries. The Jerry Seinfeld “blog about nothing” approach is not achieving the same results as the television series.

One of the topics every Monday, say, would be Nature Notes or some such–about new or remarkable or puzzling factoids from the natural world. At times it would be just a single, simple note. This would especially be true when the small grandchild was already crying in the upstairs bedroom, must moments before ending the blogging fingers. This is just such a moment, so…

This otherworldly tree-fruit called Jubuticaba caught my attention recently. In all my 39 years of life (ahem) I never saw anything like it. Did you? And here’s a good bit of info about the Grape Tree of Brazil.

And now I really have to go. The Master of the Universe is at this very moment on his way being transferred into the care of grandparents while haggard parents stumble back upstairs to try once more to sleep. I gotta go.

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