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Fragments from Floyd

Noted: New Cards Are Here!

I’ll receive 150 sets of freshly-minted note cards (all four sets) later today from WordsPrint, and have them out tomorrow, 11 – 3:00, at Bells Gallery, downtown Floyd during the Christmas Bazaar at the high school. Below, the text that appears on the back of each of the new Glimpses of Floyd set with the thumbnails at least temporarily in the sidebar. See the Note Cards Slideshow.


PINK FLOYD ~ ON THE CROOKED ROAD: Anywhere near the one county stop light, the pace will slow down a bit for north-south visitors on Route 8 from the Blue Ridge Parkway to I-81, and for east-west travelers on Highway 221 from Hillsville to Roanoke.

THE BUFFALO: Unique biologically, geologically and culturally, Buffalo Mountain at almost 4000 feet is visible from many places in Floyd County. Its distinctive form is part of the emblem for the county, and claimed as namesake for the high school sports teams.

COUNTRY STORE CANDY: Music is not the only thing present in great variety at the Floyd Country Store. The bins stay full of candies, some varieties not seen since it could be bought for a penny!

FARMERS’ SUPPLY FRONT WINDOW: Floyd County’s single traffic light, seen through a “lawn globe” inside the old-fashioned hardware store.

FLOYD FRIDAY NIGHTS: The sun sets behind a Floyd County Jamboree Friday night scene along Locust Street as visitors come and go. The energy inside the Country Store is often matched by the pick-up groups outside making music under the stars.

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  1. My husband and I are visiting Floyd, (from about an hour or hour and a half away,) over the weekend of October 31 and November 1 and 2. What should we do and see there? (I am a musician and artist.) I know to visit the Country Store, and we are staying at Hotel Floyd.

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