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Olympic Trip: Day Two

I had the notion at one time to do a full travelogue of my recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula. Then some other stuff happened–like weeds, wilting tomato sets, invading carpenter ants, bills, and other such intrusions into life-as-we-know-it. So I’ll meter it out in dribs and drabs, and get up a handful of images, then post the link to the gallery.


The first night we spent in Seattle before setting off on day 2 for Quileute on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula, image above from that location, showing seastacks and just a bit of the imposing driftwood–entire and massive trees that washed down rivers or crashed from eroding sea cliffs, pushed high onshore like pickup sticks.

We stayed at the Oceanside Resort, which we came to discover means you have to resort to driving to Forks if you intend to eat while lodging. The full moon out the sliding glass doors woke me up Wednesday morning–a stunning sight over an ocean I’d heard of, and know have stuck my toes in. More images from Quileute to come.

Part Three: Flights of Fancy

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  1. Very worthy photo of the Olympic peninsula coast. I haven’t seen a better one. I’m glad you got to see moonset in the ocean. That is a real treat. We get it from our top floor view in Hermosa Beach, CA.

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