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Fragments from Floyd

Olympic Trip: Things Looking Up

Vertical world of Hoh Rainforest

On our third day, we left the horizontal of the seascape to the vertical of the interior rainforest. My daughter and I agreed (she an OT, and me a PT) that the Hoh Rainforest would be a good place to send patients who needed neck and back extension exercises. Most of that world is ABOVE you. It is a place that demands an original image than a 35mm-equivalent camera to capture the feel of the true proportions of that landscape. You can imagine, I was in heaven.

The two trees in this image are at least five feet in diameter, not especially large by local standards.

4 thoughts on “Olympic Trip: Things Looking Up”

  1. Nice shot, Fred. I can imagine how happy you are on the Olympic Peninsula, with such lovely blue skies, to boot.

  2. Hey Freddie..
    Susan and I moved in about ’78 (via U-Haul) from Nashville, thru St. Louis, Denver, Billings, Butte, Couer d’Alenein?, Spokane, Snoqualmie Pass, to….of all places (PLEASE don’t tell anybody[HA]) Auburn, Washington! I worked at the Swedish Hospital in Seatttle. Climbed Ranier, did Hoh Rainforest, Olympia/Tacoma, Oregon coast, Victoria B.C., ferrys, Columbia River, salmon fishing, survived the notorious Greenhill rapist, and Mt. St. Helens (1980)! Then we moved back to Mount Juliet, via Grand Canyon, etc. A really, really sad time in my life. Anyway, write me sometime. I often wonder if you have ever even gotten my several posts.


  3. oops..I have no idea where that final “ha” came from…I think it was a part of a previous “have”…didn’t know it was there when “submit”. By the way…we are down to three hens, but still get about a dozen eggs a week…just right! Sister got a dozen or so not long ago.

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