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Fragments from Floyd

On Best Laid Plans


I had a plan to cover my tracks but have been caught with my pants down and my cliches out there in front of God and everybody. Here’s the deal.

I left the house for work yesterday without the AC adapter to charge my Thinkpad battery. So instead of completing the paperwork done on the computer at the clinic, I’ve had to bring it home.

Instead of blogging, I have to do paperwork. So instead of a blog post, I was going to send you to a link for a slideshow of all the summer’s images over at SmugMug.

Instead of working, the slideshow feature is NOT working and our ace support team is on top of (or in some other prepositional relationship to) the problem.

So instead of a slide show, here is the very last image in that set that spans April to September. I was waiting for another rainy day to share this image from a damp day under Hurricane Faye, but alas, we’re drying out again, the creek barely audible, and WASH ME fingered in the dust on my car window.

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  1. I don’t know if it’ll help, but I’ve discovered that on occasion the wysiwyg editor in WordPress doesn’t play nice with slide shows and embedded videos. What I’ve found is that if you do all of the text and everything else first, then switch over to html view and embed the script where you want the slide show then immediately publish before it can autosave or anything else…You can generally make it work.

    Lots of luck though, sometimes even that bombs and you just have to start over…

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