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Fragments from Floyd

On The Verge of the Verge

Images from the book
Images from the book

Well I guess that makes it official: got the first book order in the mail yesterday, the check now pinned on the cork board, waiting on the actual books to arrive. Of course, I’m still working 24/7 to get the files off to the printer, deadline not later than April 1. So far, still seems do-able.

Issues: those folks who asked for copies of the digital book for the purpose of writing a brief review: I’ll have about another week before a few of those will need to go on the “what readers say” page–if I have something to put there. (Failing that, another picture I suppose).

What I need is maybe 150 words. How hard could that be! (I know how hard, so appreciate your effort all the more.)

Once the book files go off to the printer and it seems a done deal, I’ll put up a link for an order form in the sidebar. Those interested in such and willing to gamble I’ll actually pull this thing off, let me know sooner, I’ll email the link to you and you’ll be way up at the front of the line for mailing the new book to you the first week after it arrives.

Got the cover knocked out today, set except for some minor tweaks I think. Now THAT made this whole thing seem real–the emerging newborn has a face!

Okay. Back in the cubicle, Dilbert. That’s my break for this shift.

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  1. What fun to be at the front of the line. Thanks for letting me know. I have no doubt it will get done, Fred.

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