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Fragments from Floyd

Our Water Future: The Floyd Story

Come join our community at the premier showing of a newly released, independent documentary about Floyd County’s precious water resources.  The film titled “To the Last Drop” was created and filmed right here in Floyd, and features some of our local landowners and water experts.

Fred First, Mark Sowers, Jeff Walker, Mark Grim, Lydeanna Martin, Dennis Dove and Jane Cundiff are featured in the movie;  Bernie Coveney provided the background instrumental music.

Professional videographers from Virginia Tech, Chris Risch and Grazia Apolinares produced this poignant 43-minute movie that is not only educational but visually and emotionally inspirational.

This premier showing will be presented for FREE at the Floyd EcoVillage on September 14 at 4:00.  The event is being arranged and supported by Partnership for Floyd with hopes of getting good community involvement in preserving our streams, wetlands, and wells that are the source of life here in Floyd County.

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