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Fragments from Floyd

Outstanding in Our Field

No body home but us ruminants. Nothing to see here. Move along.

This is the 6 x 8 card that got away. I really didn’t intend to use it, but figured I could get a rise out of the wife, who already condemns me for “making people want to move here” by posting kind words and pleasant images. As if…

So this one will only be for local consumption, and it’s only about the grass here, understand. The landscape is brutal, the scenery is depressing, the lifestyle hectic and the people hostile.

That should make her happy. Ya think?

2 thoughts on “Outstanding in Our Field”

  1. What a hoot. Cows telling us wannabees to move along, nothing here to see. The wife should get a kick out of it.

  2. Sure Fred !!
    Don’t worry…. it’s tooo far from the nearest supermarket and McDonald’s….. I cannot live there……… and it is certainly more than 6 miles from work, one way. 🙂

    Have no fear…. your nearest neighbors will still be the trees, and cows.

    Take care

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