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Fragments from Floyd

Parts South

Two weeks ago this morning I was in high clover–among vegetation and birdlife unlike anything around here, that’s for sure.

Sarasota is another world, and on a beautiful balmy morning surrounded by herons and ibises and spoonbills and ducks and…

It was really the first time I’ve been able to use the long-lens function of the camera I got only last August. So here’s a gallery of images in a slide show. Or click them individually at the gallery link here. 


5 thoughts on “Parts South”

  1. Kathy, this was my first real opportunity to use the 600mm optical zoom equivalent of the Lumix FZ200. It was a start, but I’m want much more time for auto-focus tracking for flying birds. Even so, there were some keepers. Now I’m back to the macro range with what wildflowers are left, this side of the flu. I have a meeting at the Winery on the Parkway Thursday morning and will go early to spend some time looking for “the Light.” This is my geezer-form of PLAY!

  2. Hi Fred,
    I’m Bonny Moon, a friend of Becky and Joes in Sarasota.
    Becky sent the link of your photos. They are amazing!
    We will be visiting Becky and Joe in July and look forward to meeting you and your wife.

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