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Pending: A Photo-Calendar?

The Simple Geometry of Morning
The Simple Geometry of Morning

Okay, today I really really AM (briefly) between. Yesterday I started out thinking I was but it turned out more like the hard place or the rock.

Not really a terrible new task that popped up, but one I had thought was dead in the water: the calendar project. I heard yesterday morning it is still active and upcoming. Some may remember me speak of that some months back. Yesterday, they wanted blurbs for the months and the full res images, which are on disk now and go to mail today.

This is for WordsPrint’s annual mailing (I’ve asked for a number of copies to be printed–at least several hundred) to their clients around the region. I’ve given the images for use–for the exposure. (I think I’m through giving free samples, BTW.) It’s a great way to get the name before the public as a photographer, but does nothing for the tiny income to turn back into supplies, repairs, replacement and travel. So…

I’m working with the printer to see if we can set up a sales option–to their clients who get one free, and to the general public, more particularly those I contact directly in the Floyd area and online (that would be YOU!)  Details pending.

When I have a bit more idea of what we’d have to charge for the 12 x 9 Dec’09 to Dec’10 Floyd Scenes calendar, I’ll show you a pdf of the proof.
At that point, it would be VERY important input to have those of you who would be interested in a purchase to let me know, to spread the word to others here before Christmas, so I can say go-no go and decide on a volume of copies over and above the expected WordsPrint mailing.

I spill this a bit prematurely knowing that you responsible folks are already thinking of unique gifts for that special day only 8 weeks away (while slugs like me think about such things maybe 8 days in advance.) Just think about it now, and hopefully by early next week, you get a sneak peak and can offer some feedback to me if you will. Thanks!

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