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Press On, Weary Traveler: Signs#1

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

We’ve always chuckled at this sign, imagining a throng of inbound tourists suddenly surging backwards as they approach the exit gate.

And we’ve taken this on as a perseverance rallying cry when one or the other of us is about to wilt and quit under the pressures du jour. “Do Not Back Up, darlin’, please continue to move forward.” It’s very inspirational.

I snagged it with my Droid, even though it caused a backup violation for those immediately behind me. Sometimes, you just gotta break the rules. Right?

2 thoughts on “Press On, Weary Traveler: Signs#1”

  1. I admire the language even if I’m not certain what it means. This could apply to a sewage system. Nothing actually moves backwards, the lack of forward movement causes a clog aka back up.

    You didn’t break any rules by simply snagging briefly. If it had been busy the rest of the crap behind you would have launched you forward.

    You can Photo Shop a few additional words. ‘Rest Rooms’ might work just fine. Sorry I’m not sure if that’s one or two words. It’s a prayer.

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