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Quality of Life: The Little Things

Unplanted Garden

While having the Forester’s oil changed yesterday, I took a short walk to this roadside meadow. And I thought back to all the places I’ve had my oil changed over the years.

I have reached the conclusion that being able to botanize and photograph along the Blue Ridge Parkway is my lifetime favorite place to have my car serviced. In the summer.

No noise. No trash. No busy. No ugly.

Click on the image for the larger view and see how many of the wildflowers you can name.

Now back to biz: I have to figure out two movie cameras and their formatting habits, then start from scratch using iMovie to figure out how to make useful clips out of footage from this morning’s shoot of the school kids digging potatoes. Old dog, etc etc.

4 thoughts on “Quality of Life: The Little Things”

  1. There is a gas station on 81 near Wythville at which I stop when I’m on my way north. I like to walk back of it and look over the fields (very similar to your photo) and take a break from driving. Lovely view.

  2. Please list the species. All I can identify (I hope correctly) is Queen Anne’s Lace. What a picture perfect meadow.

  3. Might be Queen Anne’s Lace but most of the white is white boneset. The low yellow is sneeze weed; any tall yellow is wingstem. Red is cardinal flower. Purple is Ironweed. Low blue-purple is giant lobelia. I did not trespass but was tempted as there are probably a dozen smaller blooming species mixed in but inconspicuous.

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