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Fragments from Floyd

Rainy Monochrome Melancholy to Come?


We’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to spend a whole day inside watching it rain. Hurricane Faye brought us such a day of umbrellas, wet boots, and wiper blades. We have more coming, if not from Hanna, then Ike and the Wet Ones yet to pop up in the Atlantic. The southeast has needed a string of atmospheric watering cans–a phenomenon we entirely missed last year and the one before that, far as I recall.

The melancholy that comes with the blowing mist and monochrome dreariness of a summer rain is oddly pleasant in small doses. We could have enough ahead to make it a chronic condition which we should suffer gladly, but probably won’t. So consider this preemptive whining about the drizzly days (hopefully) to come.

Abandoned home place and lazy cows, click for larger image.  I got wet taking this one.

6 thoughts on “Rainy Monochrome Melancholy to Come?”

  1. Beautiful, makes me homesick for SW Virginia. Here in Colorado I long for days like this. Believe you me, when it’s always sunny you get sick of it.

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