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Fragments from Floyd


Whitetop Laurel CreekYes, it happens from time to time, but not nearly often enough–that my adult self goes off and does something merely for fun and adventure.

Having a good friend visit from NY was enough reason to plan an outing. We could have rafted or canoed the New River. We could have hiked into Grayson Highlands, and this time of year, picked lots of blueberries and eaten them by the handful from those high rocky pinnacles I love so much.

What we ended up doing instead was biking the Virginia Creeper bike trail from Whitetop Station (shuttled there by Sundog Outfitters) back to Damascus.

Since the whole distance is anywhere from a slight to a moderated down hill pitch, we dawdled sufficiently to make the 17 mile distance take us almost four hours.

Much of our dalliance was to enjoy the beauty of Whitetop Laurel creek–either from one of the 24 trestles that crossed it, or with our bare feet in it.

I may have more to say about that trip later next week.

3 thoughts on “Recreating”

  1. Is it really all downhill? I have some “knee-challenged” people who may be interested – IF it’s all downhill. Thanks.

  2. Glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy yourself, Fred, but it is nice to see you back again. I missed your posts.

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