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Fragments from Floyd

Red Sky at Morning

Goose Creek Winter Sunrise
Goose Creek Winter Sunrise

Until I can figure out getting things into the sidebar in WordPress 2.7 with this template, I’ll let you know here that I’m posting again to my Nameless Creek blog and plan to do so regularly, with an emphasis on environmental, sustainability and culture-transition oriented topics.

I’m hoping that will be the middle ground I need between twitter’s brevity and Fragments for front porch snippets and the occasional longer piece. (Follow me twitter.)

I’m taking that not-uncommon end of year climb up to the crow’s nest to see what safe harbor, fruitful island or dangerous reefs lie just ahead in 2009 and beyond.

I am exhilarated. And terrified. Stay the course, y’all. And for the few who travel with me, via con Deos, amigos. And have a blessed Christmas 2008.

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  1. I’m not sure what is different about the sidebars on your blog between WP 2.7 and 2.6, but if you are having trouble, you might consider removing one widget at a time to see if that widget is not compatible with 2.7. There is a list of incompatible widgets on the WP site, but I’ve found some on that list that work just fine with my theme.

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