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Roads Less Traveled: a Morning Outing

Simple Gifts
Simple Gifts

Drudge. I have to take the loaner back to Protocol and pick up our new timing belt and tires that will set us back a goodly chunk of change.

But great! I have an excuse to be on the road in the morning while the fog still hangs and the sun rises: spider webs, dew covered wildflowers, scenic vistas shrouded in morning haze.

I’m outta here, hopefully back with the spoils of my obligatory travels.

4 thoughts on “Roads Less Traveled: a Morning Outing”

  1. Great photo!!
    Simple gifts….how true.

    Have a great weekend.

    by the way….where are the chickens?? chasing Tsuga???


  2. Finished mowing the grass yesterday and got 6 face-fulls of golden orb spider webs. On the one hand, I suppose they keep the mosquito population down, but on the other hand, a sticky face full of web is most unpleasant!

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