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Fragments from Floyd

Serving Suggestion: Don’t


Here’s another flowering-plant glamour shot from RC Gorge.

This, of course, is jack-in-the-pulpit, its spathe reflexed (vs the usual state, curved away from the camera to cover the spadix–Jack–inside his tubular boudoir.

This is, I confess, from a purists point of view, nature fakery since this plant is never found in this exact configuration in the wild.  But seeing a familiar thusly in new garb makes us see it differently the next time we find it undisturbed by meddling photographers.

Now, should you be interested in EATING this plant: Change your mind.

Read all about this plant’s sex-life and for how to prepare it for the table: fix potatoes instead.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and Jill

4 thoughts on “Serving Suggestion: Don’t”

  1. Poisonous, eh? I wonder why nature has endowed poisonous plants with such brilliant color–guess she has a nasty sense of humor! Unless, of course, it is supposed to be a warning rather than an attraction.

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