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Smashwords Brings the Slow Road to Your e-Reader

I am pleased to say that my first book, Slow Road Home, can now be downloaded to a variety of eBook formats.

While the paragraph by paragraph reformatting and reviewing was a bit tedious last week, in all, once the file was completed, it took just a few hours to have the first version accepted at Smashwords; an hour for the second revision to be accepted; and two days to be admitted to the Premium Catalog for the widest distribution.

However, being distributed widely is no guarantee of being purchased widely or at all. But I wanted to make the effort, because the book has not had exposure to an audience that this electronic version can reach, and I need help spreading the word. So if you download the free samples (or $6.99 full book) and can contribute comments, reviews and remarks (or if you’ve read the paperback print version) that would help hugely to spread the message.

Slow Road Home is a hopeful, very personal narrative told in a hundred passages that describe the unfolding year of finding a sense of purpose and belonging, even as the world seems to be falling apart. It is a story of one man’s discovery, at 54, that he had not yet fully lived the intentional life of the heart, the senses and the bond to place that he was capable of, and that he seemingly had been destined to discover just beyond his door.

It is a book that can be–and should be–read in small bites. It is a book you CAN put down. Many keep it beside their bed. Not a few tell me they have read it more than once.

Help me share with a wider audience this story of celebration of landscape, Appalachian belonging and nature. Will you kindly pass this link along to five friends, co-workers, and family? This pointer to the eBook version will have a permanent berth in the right sidebar at Fragments: Thanks! ~ Fred

PS: If you buy the book now, you can look for a clickable Table of Contents for your book soon; this should help go straight to a favorite in the 100+ named passages in the “book of days.” And I may begin work to get What We Hold In Our Hands: a Slow Road Reader into eBook format with Smashwords too. However, the images in that book will present a challenge, and maybe I’ll provide clickable links to gallery images instead? I’ll also be looking at Feedbooks as an option, read the link below for more comparisons between Feedbooks and Smashwords for e-Reader readers.

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  1. Bummer, Fred. Smashwords requires one to register before you can write a review. The registration process requires posting a picture. I tried three times to do so, and got the same error message each time. I’m sorry. I’m technologically inept. I will send the link to my reading friends and give them the good review I intended to post.

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