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Fragments from Floyd

Snapshots of Summer

The Rural Reality Channel
The Rural Reality Channel

I stole this from my daughter’s facebook page. I was at the Floyd Town Jubilee when our neighbor came to mow the pasture for hay–not something the grand daughters get to see from their suburban back yard high on the ridge overlooking Rapid City, SD.

So Abby and Taryn got front row seats near the stage. Ah, breathe in the fragrance of meadow: Smellivision with a gentle breeze in the shade. Life is good.

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  1. This trip was the first that I had made to Floyd in the summertime. I was intrigued with the haying and how it is accomplished. First, it is cut and then left for a few days to dry somewhat. Then, another machine comes along and makes windrows of it. I never did see how square bales and round bales are made, but I was fascinated to see the various methods used to hold the round bales together – netting and also a plastic fabric secured with string of some sort. I had a wonderful visit!

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