IMG_2375_HDR 3000

Fragments from Floyd

Snow Upon Snow ~ Image One

Simple Symmetry of Shadows on Snow

I shouldn’t create expectations with the “Image One” because I trashed almost everything I brought in from my unplanned foray into the deep snow this morning before the temps reached double digits.

Snow, under the best of circumstances, presents a challenge to the landscape photographer. And when said photographer hasn’t eaten enough breakfast to keep his blood sugar up for the exertion and is burned out on snow already, the glaringly white, painfully freezing substrate is more of a foe than I can vanquish.

Most images were over-exposed. I’d set an aperture and opened up a stop to adjust for the “error” in the auto-focus that is not designed for a white but for a neutral gray background. But with the glare of the sun, the glasses fogging up and the numb fingers, I rushed through the outting. And came back with not much.

Good thing this was non-critical work. Nobody is expecting anything here, nothing but hobby shooting. So. I’ll have maybe four images, unless I get inspired again later today. But then, this camera and photographer are under new management. Or I should say (WoManagement). I’ll go if she tells me I’m gonna.

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