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Fragments from Floyd

Snows of Narnia

If every snowflake is different, then every snowfall must be too.

This one was unique. It was the last snow to fall before my personal odometer turns to a new zero.

And so I am trying to pay attention to the details. And the details of this snow were worth attending.

I confess I used PixelBender oil paint filter to attenuate the branching snow shapes just a little; it impressed me as a scene out of a fairy tale–maybe Chronicles of Narnia, and so I rendered the image to bring that out a bit. [click to enlarge image ]

2 thoughts on “Snows of Narnia”

  1. Great enhancement of a photo that was probably impressive on its own! Being camera wise as well as word wise is impressive. I give myself a passable score on using words, but pictures…hmmm.

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