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Fragments from Floyd

So Many Places, So Little Time

The beaver were not on the job this serene July morning

Sunday morning, we met at their house at 6am to watch the sun come up over their beaver marsh. Today, we’ll leave their house at 630 am, off to explore the coves, shorelines, islands, birdlife and whatever else we can get into at Philpott Lake.

My friends go back to work soon, and these outings will not come on an every-other-day basis. Til then, we’ll be botanizing, star gazing, rock turning and generally nature-immersed kids in grownup bodies. Wheeee!

4 thoughts on “So Many Places, So Little Time”

  1. it does sound like fun
    and will you be camping out too?
    I have a hankering to gather a few female friends and head off to my house in France for a ‘kids break’ when we would sleep under the stars, cook sausages on a camp fire and stay up way beyond bedtime!

  2. “Turnning over rocks.” I took my nature phobic grandson on an overnight campout in a city “wilderness park” over the weekend. A nearby 8 year old camper was a real naturalist, and asked my stepson to turn over a big rock for him. The boy was so excited, collecting pillbugs in a little terrarium he had just bought, that my grandson got totally into it, too. Talk about a thrilled grandma!

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