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Fragments from Floyd

So Where Are the Pots and Spices

Never saw the kitchen skylight with this kind of frost pattern before
Kitchen skylight

It’s the same. And different. WordPress new version 2.7 is now installed and seems to be working just fine, thanks to some good-hearted elves who were busy overnight spinning their magic. Still, the interface is enough different it will take opening all the drawers and cabinets to find out where the utensils and condiments are kept.

Warning: the new features may make it easier to post more often. Sorry. And not having anything to say more often is not necessarily a deal killer–as you’ve probably noticed here over the past 6+ years.

So: new blog front end. New year soon upon us. Same old life. Same eye, heart and voice.  It’s one thing to have a solid chassis under you and a tank full of gas–another, to decide where to and how fast and by which routes you want to go.

We shall see what we shall see. Okay. Let’s find a totally unrelated picture to attach to this post, just purely for the sake of opening one of those drawers I was talking about.

UPDATE: Seems we have a wee problem in image placement. It appears centered in the edit screen, and is left-aligned on the blog page. Looks like I added a dash too much of something or stirred with the wrong spoon. UPDATE: Alignment Problem solved–elf overtime.

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