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Fragments from Floyd

Soil Toil

Farm machinery at Riverstone sunset. Click to enlarge.

Only time this morning for an image to share–this sunlit farm machinery in the barn shed at Riverstone just before sundown.

The red shift in the light from low in the sky to image-left really made the paint on this soil-tilling machinery pop.

Somebody enlighten me on name and exact function.  I’m guessing the yellow paddles loosen and aerate the soil in preparing a seed bed.

2 thoughts on “Soil Toil”

  1. It looks like the machinery is currently in use, or about to be, depending on the condition of the fields. I think the little “discs” in front till the soil before the seedlings are dropped in. Wild guess, since it’s 50 years since I’ve been around anything remotely “farm like”.

  2. I agree with your thinking Fred. I’ve never seen such a machine before but it makes logical sense that it breaks up a hard surface just before sowing seeds behind the process.

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